Whether you want text for a Web page, complete user manuals, or online help, Clerestory can meet your needs. We can build your project from scratch or use your company's templates and tools to update or enhance existing documentation.

Past projects have included the user guide and online help for The Print Shop 11 for Windows, Broderbund's premiere desktop printing and Web tool, and content for Macworld Interactive CD-ROM, a newsstand premium for Macworld magazine.

In concert with our partners, Clerestory can also provide direct marketing copy writing and an array of other writing services.

Technical Writing

If you're looking for top-quality technical writing, we can help.

With over ten years experience making complex ideas clear to non-technical audiences, we can create documentation that will fulfill your needs. We can work with your subject matter experts to determine what are the key concepts you need to convey to your audience and then formulate a structure that will make finding answers easy for technical and non-technical audiences alike. We can also layout your manuals either from scratch or using templates you provide.

Online Help

More and more, people using computer software use online help to solve their problems. And yet, online help systems very often omit important information, or simply provide the information already in the printed manual without adding value for the audience.

At Clerestory, we work hard to make sure our finished products meet the needs of the readers, while remaining within your budget.

We can provide online help in a variety of formats, including HTML Help for Windows, Robohelp, HTML, QuickHelp for Macintosh, and Apple Help.

Features & Reviews

If you are looking for someone to write a technology feature or to electronic products, we can help there, too.

Having written many reviews, features, and columns, and leveraging our understanding of what it is that computer professionals and hobbyists are looking for, we can provide solid information that will help people learn about emerging technologies and also help them decide what is worth buying.


Experienced writers understand that editors are invaluable. For structuring ideas, honing language, or simply correcting grammar and spelling, editors help increase the power and impact of your work.

At Clerestory, we can help you on each of these fronts. In addition to the work we do to structure and edit original texts, we have also provided proof-reading and technical editing services.